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23 March, 2014

I haven't shared a gratitude post in a long while. I'm having one of those days (weeks/months/years) where I feel myself struggling toward a more graceful adulthood and a deeper understanding of myself. I've been making many missteps along the way. I'm trying to be more compassionate, more centered, more understanding. Sometimes, I think I'm doing the right thing and it turns out to be very, very wrong. Many times, I look back and feel ashamed or embarrassed by my actions. At the end of the day, all I can do is try to move forward in a way that feels right.

An important part of growing is being grateful. So I'm back at it ...

I'm thankful for working downtown, because I can take the water taxi around the river during my lunch break. I listened to Chicago by Sufjan Stevens on repeat during my trip. I think if my heart were a phonograph, this song would be the waveforms engraved on it. 
I'm thankful for the vernal equinox and the sense of renewal it brings, which I so desperately need right now.  I'm also thankful for Lou, for joining me on my first-day-of-spring picnic. 
Finally, I'm thankful for beautiful light, incredible mornings, and things that hold their beauty, even when they're wilting. 


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