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26 March, 2014

Finally a first post about my adventure abroad! The main purpose of trip was to spend time with my childhood best friend, Sarah. She started a new life in Newcastle, England a couple of years ago, and I was longing to reconnect with her and experience her life across the pond. The two weeks I spent with her and her fiancé flew by. Every day of my trip was truly incredible, but some days were unexpected and life changing.

One of those days was the wedding of Ruth and Martin. Katie Byram, a photographer friend who I met through Sarah, needed an assistant for a wedding in the English countryside. I didn't have plans, so I happily volunteered and found myself an unexpected witness to a momentous day. I loved the English traditions, the emotion and beauty in the ceremony, and the gorgeous reception filled with hilarious and loooong speeches. I can't emphasize how much this day touched me, even though I was just in the background carrying lights, equipment, and a few umbrellas.

Ruth and Martin's wedding was featured in a magazine recently. I'm so proud of Katie and so grateful to watch her work. I learned so much and was impressed with her demeanor and enthusiasm. Wedding photography is chaotic, to say the least, and Katie works so well under pressure. It was great (and exhausting) fun!
The weather had been windy, cold, and rainy (it is England after all), but it began to clear at the very end of the night. The passing clouds revealed a sky full of stars over Matfen Hall. Despite our exhaustion, Katie and I marched out into the sprawling, pitch black lawn, and Katie caught the gorgeous image below. 

I would never have imagined that one day, by chance, I'd be standing in the English countryside under a sky full of stars with this gorgeous scene in front of me and wonderful company beside me. I felt so small and so large ... and so grateful. 

To see more of Katie's photography, as well as Ruth and Martin's big day, visit Katie's website and Facebook page. Katie is also available for international bookings, in case anyone in the states is interested. ;)


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