long shadows

10 February, 2014

It is 72 degrees and sunny in Jacksonville, Florida right now. There’s not a cloud in the sky to dim the beauty of the early evening light. The silvery spark of a plane at cruising altitude brings only a faint contrail, disappearing nearly as quickly as it formed -- the air lacks the moisture needed to sustain the artificial cloud. Moistureless air is a rarity in Florida and it makes everything feel lighter, including my heavy mood.

I’ve been a sleepy blogger since I got back from my (first ever) trip abroad a month ago. I have so many photos and stories to share, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to share them. I knew that my legs would feel shaky under the weight of wanderlust after this trip. And they are. So I’ve been keeping the memories close while I observe the post-travel mourning period.

For now, I offer a post on good weather, (decaf) coffee and the long shadows cast by good memories.


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