03 December, 2013

I met Lou when he decided to stop me on my way to work and ask for food and shelter. (I don't speak cat. I'm just guessing his attempts to enter my apartment and his squeaky meows were bids for life's "little" essentials). I couldn't leave him.

His eyes were infected and he was bonier than a kitty should be. I took him to the vet. He was bad-kitty-disease-free (FIV and leukemia), but he did have an eye and mouth infection. Even though he was a little gnarly, he was so incredibly affectionate and had the most gorgeous, nebula eyes. I kept Lou in my bathroom and started a Facebook group to help find him a home. I wanted to keep him, but I feared taking on another feline, in addition to my current two, would push me firmly into the territory of crazy cat lady.

In hopes of luring some unsuspecting cat-lover into a permanent relationship with this spunky street cat, I wrote things like this:

"Lou is really good at being a kitty and he likes to do kitty things, such as purring, snuggling and eating! And I just need to say, this cat knows how to throw down when it comes to cuddling. Additionally, Lou likes to makes biscuits with his paws. This is a very advanced kitty massage technique that is passed down from generation to generation. Lou is particularly skilled.

In less exciting news, there is a bit of a kitty gang war going on at my apartment right now. Anytime glances are caught between briefly opened doors, hisses soon follow. This morning, Lou was feeling particularly adventurous and snuck out of his bathroom fort (this is in direct violation of the Kitty Peace Treaty, statute 1.4 - Gang Territories and Governance). As he marched confidently into the living room, my other two cats were thoroughly confused. Lou doesn't take kindly to saucy glances, so he proceeded to slap the sh!t out of one of my cats. I get the sense that Lou is probably best in a single kitty household."

It turns out that Lou actually belongs to someone who moved in a few houses down. I'm guessing he was a little lost for a day or two when we crossed paths. Through the miracle of the interwebs, Lou was reunited with his owner.

His real name is Son, but I still call him Lou when he comes to visit me.


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