04 December, 2013

I've had space on the brain lately. Seems fitting that this song has been orbiting my thoughts for several days now.

Speaking of space, did you hear about the recent comet that came from beyond our solar system and died in the sun? I can't say that I followed the trajectory of comet ISON very closely until it became a story of things falling apart. As ISON stirred a little hope with a post-perihelion spark of light, I found myself routing for it. I wanted it go on growing and glowing -- changed but not gone. Maybe ISON would be something new. Maybe even something better. After all, good things can be forged in fire. Sometimes they are even strengthened by it.

But, as we know with certainty now, the odds were not in ISON's favor. I just read an article that suggested the comet's ice - its glue - likely melted before it even experienced the full heat of the sun.

ISON was a relationship metaphor for me. I've been looking for hope anywhere it could be found (or perhaps imagined). Like ISON, my hope didn't survive in its original form. Like ISON, I'm not sure what to call the leftovers.

Only time will fully reveal what emerges on the other side. Like ISON, I can only take solace in that which is gleaned from destruction. If only love were more like science.

Photo from danspace77 on Instagram


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