pink sky, crescent moon

14 September, 2013

Last Tuesday after work,  I walked out of my office building and into the scene above. The smell of roasting coffee was permeating downtown and the skies were like cotton candy stirring in the floss bowl. If I could have tasted the clouds, I'm certain they would have deconstructed into sugar granules in my mouth. When I approached the river, there was the added surprise of dolphins surfing the conflicting currents around the bridge. Some evenings just know how to knock the breath out of you. I stood riverside for quite some time, trying to take it all in. Then I stopped by the Maxwell House factory to really saturate my lungs with the rich coffee air. Between the cold springs of last weekend and the sunset of Tuesday evening, I've felt a swell inside of me. Something feels like it is waking up. Right now, it's flickering eyes, a yawn and a stretch. But soon, it could be so much more. The best part is the possibility.  


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