blue moons and birthdays

24 August, 2013

Sometimes the unfussy birthdays are the best birthdays. I usually love a good celebration, but admittedly, I was dreading mine this year. I waffled over plans. I procrastinated invite emails. In the end, it was me and two dear friends on a rooftop sharing food, drinks and stories. We bonded with our waitress over sarcasm, photography and rising blue moons. 

It may be overly sentimental, but the night was magical. Perfect jeweled skies with candy-colored clouds. A light breeze. A meal that literally melted in my mouth. Views of the city lights glittering on the horizon. A gentle and dreamy soundtrack. Sparks of heat lightning and the river to feed it. Such a perfectly extraordinary day. 

When it came time for candle wishes, I gave gratitudes instead.


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