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05 April, 2013

I went to New Orleans for the first time last week. I wasn't expecting to be so enamored with the city, but I was. I am.
I ate so much incredible food. And I don't care that Café du Monde is touristy. I'd gladly wait in line to eat there every morning if I could. Beignets that dusted my clothes in a fine white powder and chicory coffee with creamy, sweet milk were just too damn good, so I went twice. The best thing I ate on the trip was, hands-down, the crawfish étoufée from a vendor in the French Market. I had that twice too, but I was too busy stuffing my face to take a good picture. Priorities, of course. 

The first night in town, I had dinner at a Creole-Italian place called Adolfo's. It's upstairs from a dive bar, where you can wait for your table if you don't mind the smokey atmosphere and the drink minimum. I swore the old floorboards in the restaurant would collapse at any minute from the weight of everyone enjoying wine and a pile of seafood drowning in ocean sauce. The place is rather unassuming, so when a group of New York tourists poured out right before our reservations, exclaiming that it was the worst meal of their lives, it was a little disconcerting. A pair of locals assured us that the tourists were wrong and we should march forward into the dinner hour. Post-meal, I'm on the side of the locals. 

There is so much more to say about my short time in NOLA, but I'll save that for future posts. In the meantime, I'll just be drooling over my culinary memories of fresh seafood, gumbo, creamed spinach, muffuletta, étouffé, beignets, gator sausage, fried oysters, whisky bread pudding, and macarons. 


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