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10 April, 2013

I recently spent a leisurely Sunday antiquing with my best friend in Fernandina Beach, just outside of Jacksonville. We took the scenic route and caught up on all of life's crazy and wandering developments. We had lunch outside, paired with margaritas and beautiful weather. It was my first time exploring the area and it truly felt like I was on vacation far away, instead of just a short drive from home.
Antiquing is one of my favorite past times. There's something about exploring an unexpected mixture of objects imbued with intrigue and history that just gets me. I love the process of "hunting" through the charmingly chaotic collections of antique shops. It's inevitably personal, as I'll find something that evokes childhood memories. Often, I'll wonder how a given object found itself waiting for someone to come along and give it new life and new meaning.
These are just a few of the things that caught my eye, but only the brooches came home with me. I would have happily taken the shop cat, though. 
The shop owners in the area were the most cordial bunch I've ever come across. They were truly welcoming and the absolute personification of southern hospitality. One woman keeps water bottles and cookies ready at all times, whether you buy something or not. When I tried to offer her a few dollars for the water fund, she jovially declined. The last shop we ventured to was supposed to be closed. When we walked up to investigate further, an older gentleman greeted us and informed us that yes they were closed and no we should not leave. He gladly turned on the lights and let us poke around without the faintest sense of urgency. These sweet-as-honey, warm-hearted people were gems that added a little sparkle to an already shiny day.


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