04 November, 2012

I've had a nice, long break from blogging here since I moved to Jacksonville. I suppose getting my bearings and settling in was taking all of my extra energy.

While I haven't put any energy into photography lately, I have put some effort into nesting. Though nothing is quite finished yet, my apartment feels like home already. I live in a neighborhood called Riverside, which is right outside of downtown. Riverside has tons of shady trees, endless historic homes, roaming cats by the dozens, and (surprise!) is right by the St. Johns River. There are shops, antique stores, great bars/restaurants - everything a person could need. I adore this place.

I live right by a beautiful park. My living room has nearly floor-to-ceiling windows across the front, which overlook the park and allow beautiful light to fill the apartment during the day.*

I love the exposed brick on the front wall. The apartment was renovated before I moved in and I'm glad the brick and the original bathroom tile (which is green!) were kept. I love apartments that have old details and a strong sense of character. The cruiser bike, which sits just inside my front door, was my grandmother's. I was incredibly close to her while she was alive and I still remember her riding me around on this very bicycle when I was a toddler. It may not look like much, but this bike is one of my most prized possessions, which is why it gets to live inside. :)

A burned down house sits right behind my apartment. Is it weird that I think it's beautiful? Because the property is so valuable, I know it will be torn down one day soon. I think I'll miss it when they rebuild. 

The view of the park from my front windows.

As you can see, the cats love this apartment as much as I do. <3

*Finding this apartment was pure luck. I had secured another place before I moved down, but when I arrived to Jax and saw it in person, I quickly realized that it wasn't going to be home for me. Long story short, it needed a lot of work. I was completely overwhelmed, but thanks to my wonderful mother who helped me move down, we found my current apartment. I'm intensely grateful to call this place home. If you happen to be moving to (or within) Jacksonville, I highly recommend my landlords, Tritt Properties. They helped make this transition so much easier on me.


  1. your apartment it beautiful! :)

  2. gorgeous. how lucky are you to have that interior brick wall! and a killer sense of style, natch. :)


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