04 October, 2012

So, I'm living in Jacksonville, Florida these days. I actually used to live here 6 years ago. Have I mentioned that already? Anyway, I can safely say that it's great to be back. I've run into old friends and I'm making new ones. I love my new job. Things are good. You know what has made it even better? Seeing Metric (one of my favorite bands) for free last Sunday night. Acura sponsored the concert, it was in a small venue, and did I mention that it was FREE? I'm seriously still pinching myself. Here are my somewhat shitty Instagram photos from the night. I don't even care though, they capture it well for me.

(Emily Haines, I love you.)

The funny thing? I almost didn't go. I almost chickened out. I almost didn't feel cool enough to go to such an event, by myself no less. But, I kicked my own ass and got out there. I'm trying to really live my life lately. You know what I mean? I want to squeeze out every ounce of greatness from it. I want to be unafraid. Too often I let insecurities, worries and stress hold me back. So I went alone. And then I ran into old friends. And then I made some new ones. And then I danced and laughed and let go. And it was a good night.

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  1. That's amazing!! I don't know if I'd have the courage to go do something like that by myself — but it really does show that when you put yourself out there some fun/great things can happen :) I hear you about the living your life thing, I'm definitely on a trend of doing that myself! Hope you're doing well, I miss you and I hope to come down and see you at some point!!


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