hanging rock

16 August, 2012

I went to Hanging Rock last Friday with my dear friend Sarah. Hanging Rock, for those who aren't in the area, is a small mountain just north of Winston-Salem. I've been told that Hanging Rock, and it's other two tiny mountain friends nearby (Sourtown and Pilot Mountains), is part of an old mountain range that has slowly receded into the shadow of the Blue Ridge. I don't know if that's actually true, but I kind of like thinking of these old, weathered mountains that have lived through a vast expanse of time as tiny, old men with funny stories and grouchy attitudes. But I digress .... This sojourn was much needed, as 25 or so people, myself included, were recently laid off due to severe budget cuts at work. I hesitate to discuss things like this too much, but it's life and it's real and it leads to 3 mile hikes to see the most gorgeous vistas on a Friday. That's pretty rad.

I'm excited about the opportunities that come from change like this. (It's good Sunday Quote inspiration.) I am ready for more learning and new challenges at a new agency, and whatever that may bring. In the meantime, here are some iPhone shots of those gorgeous views.


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