08 July, 2012

Camino Bakery is a staple in my downtown life. I snapped some photos while I was waiting in line on a Sunday a while back. The owners of Camino have an incredible story and are just all around lovely people. They work really hard to create a quality experience for their customers, selling unique drinks, some of the best home made breads around, pastries that I cannot get enough of, and even local milk, eggs and butter. They have a demi baguette, cheese, and two glasses of wine deal Monday-Thursday that is great to share with a friend, or eat all by yourself, like I have been known to do. Other than bread and cheese, I love their seasonal drink specials, the pain au chocolate, and earl grey lattes. I have also been known to buy eggs, milk, butter, and the cinnamon raisin bread for Sunday french toast at home. It's truly incredible to have local, organic and fresh ingredients available downtown. 

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